This article is for SNAPPLIFY PARTNERS.

Origin is Snapplify's partner platform, providing partners with access to tools and information to manage their digital offering with Snapplify.

If you are an existing Snapplify Partner and would like to know more about Origin and get access to relevant tools and information please contact our Marketplace Team.

No matter the size of your venture, Origin can support you to reach your business goals. Not only does the Origin platform come with 24/7 access to snapplify support, but the Snapplify Reader with full DRM across all major platforms as well. Snapplify ensures strict encryption and protection of publisher-owned content using SnappSafe DRM, our international-standard, tried-and-tested DRM software. 

Using Origin you can:

  • Use voucher tooling to provide Inspection/ review copies of your content to customers
  • Use Snapplify tech to provide your content with peace of mind that it is secure and cannot be copyrighted
  • Turn your website into an e-commerce store offering Snapplify’s vast catalogue of content to your customers. 
  • Stay up to date on content sales with accurate reporting tools

Origin has two tiers, only Origin Enterprise offers full eCommerce Integration. To find out more, reach out at

If you need help, use the Snapplify chatbot (livechat) in the bottom right corner to get immediate support.