This article is for CONTENT OWNERS. 

Setting a device limit on a particular ebook can be a useful way for you, as the publisher, to enable students and educators to get the most value from your content as they work across multiple devices.

Each licence a user purchases for an ebook allows them to download that ebook onto a maximum of devices set by you. 

Guidelines for setting device limits

The limits may be set to any number greater than 1.

If a device limitation is not specified the default of 5 devices is used.

We strongly recommend setting a device limit to a minimum of 5, as this provides the user with an option to download content to a mobile device and desktop device, while also allowing extra download options should they replace a device. 

Note that a licence can still only be used by one user as the licence is associated with the individual user’s profile. Under no circumstances are multiple users able to, or allowed to, share a licence

What happens when the device limit is reached?

If a customer tries to download a book more than the allowed number of times, they will receive an error message telling them that their licence key limit has been exceeded. In rare cases, there can be exceptions and the Snapplify support team handles these when they occur.

 See how we explain DRM, licences and device limits to users.

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