This article is for CONTENT OWNERS.

Effective sales reporting and invoicing are crucial for managing your digital content sales through Snapplify. This guide explains the monthly sales reporting process, detailing how to interpret your report and invoice Snapplify for any amounts due. You'll learn about the report components, VAT considerations, and the currency used based on your distribution agreement. For any questions or support, contact the Snapplify accounts team.

  • Monthly Reports: Issued in the second week of each month.
  • Invoicing: Invoice Snapplify for payable amounts after receiving your report.
  • Contact: For invoices or queries, email

We report on the following items: 


The digital ISBN of the product. 


The title of the product sold.

Sales Units

The total number of units sold per title. 

Returned Units

The total number of units returned, and for which we offered a refund (pursuant to our returns policy).

Digital List Price (DLP)

Exclusive of VAT.


The discount provided by the Publisher to Snapplify

Amount due

This amount that is due to the Publisher based on the DLP and the Discount. 

We report in the same currency as agreed in your distribution agreement and as supplied on the metadata.	

VAT is included for South African clients at 15% and Kenya clients at 16%. Any other country is supplied at the VAT-exclusive price (Digital List Price).

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