If you’re a bookseller or publisher using Snapplify technology to sell digital content on your website, product vouchers will be sent to your customers so that they can access their products. 

Here’s how this simple process works:

  1. The user browses the website and makes a purchase, following your normal e-commerce workflow.
  2. You inform the user that the purchase is for a digital product and will require the Snapplify Reader app to read the ebook.
  3. If you have set up ‘recipientEmail’ when creating your voucher, the user will receive an email order confirmation that includes a voucher number (this is generated as part of API calls) and instructions on how to redeem the voucher.
  4. The user is directed to and enters the voucher number. If the user has an existing Snapplify account (or a Google, Microsoft, or Apple account), they can sign in and redeem the voucher; alternatively, they will be required to register an account.
  5. The user downloads the Snapplify Reader application on their device of choice, signs in with their user account, and has access to their content.

Use this article to explain this process to your customers.

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