This article is for DEVELOPERS and PARTNERS who are integrating Snapplify Engage into an existing solution (e.g. an LMS). 

Snapplify’s Engage registration API allows you to quickly and easily register an institution, by executing all of the steps for the registration via the API. With Engage, you’ll get access to collaborative, smart, and secure e-learning tools and content.

The API will do the following:

All institutions using the Engage registration API must be unique. If the institution is not unique it will be altered via a naming convention before registration, by adding a number to the end of the institution’s name.


A GET request is used to prepopulate the Engage registration forms. 

The response to this API call is a HTML page, which will confirm all the details and prompt the user to authenticate and complete the registration.



These are the parameters that implement the Engage registration API:

Parameter: institution

Required: Yes

Type: <string>

Description: A descriptive name or title of the school or institution.

Example: Snapplify High School

Parameter: customerPersona

Required: Yes

Type: <string>

Description: The persona that best describes the institution.


  • Pre-school ECDPrimary school
  • Secondary school
  • Tertiary institution
  • K-12
  • TVET
  • Corporate
  • Government
  • NGO
  • Bookseller
  • Publisher
  • Homeschooling institution

Parameter: userPersona

Required: Yes

Type: <string>

Description: The persona that best describes the user.


  • Student
  • Educator
  • Librarian
  • IT Administrator
  • Principal
  • Management
  • Governing Body
  • Financial Manager
  • Parent
  • CSR Manager
  • Manager
  • Employee
  • Director
  • Faculty Member
  • Other

Parameter: domain

Required: Yes

Type: <string>

Description: The prefix for the domain name that will result in a Snapplify endpoint. For example, if the provided value is ‘myschool’, then the result will be ‘’.

Example: snapplifyhighschool

Parameter: country

Required: Yes

Type: <string>

Description: The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code where the institution is located.

Example: ZA

Parameter: phone

Required: Yes

Type: <string>

Description: The contact number for the institution.

Example: +2721 975 7192


The following URL accesses the Engage registration:



Errors occurring during the registration process will result in the user being redirected to the normal registration process. Care must be taken to ensure that all required fields are populated.

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