Snapplify Access enables students and educators everywhere to access the digital learning universe instantly – from K–12, to higher education.

Snapplify Access offers:

  • Greater security through a strong and unified identity policy
  • Multiple options for authentication with just one integration. 

Snapplify Access is an easy way to scale for education businesses to scale by allowing students and education staff to access your products with their existing Snapplify, Google, Microsoft or Apple accounts.

Snapplify Access supports users from public and private institutions, higher education institutions, national and provincial education departments, home-schooling institutions, and corporates and NGOs.

You can start using Snapplify Access for your business by:

  1. Integrating Snapplify Access for Single Sign On (SSO)
  2. Integrating Snapplify Access on Wordpress for Single Sign On (SSO) 
  3. Integrating Snapplify Access on Moodle for Single Sign On (SSO) 

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