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During an integration flow, data is transferred from one application or system to another, i.e. between your store and Snapplify Pay

The actions and responses that are required for the synchronisation of data between these systems are outlined below.

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Step 1: Payment request

The workflow during a payment request is as follows:

Your store's actionBuild a request with the payment information and do a server-to-server call.
Snapplify Pay's actionPay creates a new payment with relevant information, with the payment state set to NEW and the ‘payment.token’ set to a unique GUID.
ResponsePay returns a JSON object containing the payment token, or an error in JSON format and the URL which your customer should be redirected to.

Step 2: Redirect

The workflow during a redirect is as follows:

Your store's actionUse the redirect URL returned from the payment request to issue a redirect to your customer.
Snapplify Pay's actionPay initiates your customer’s payment flow.
ResponseIf the token is not valid, your store is required to show an error and notify your customer to start again.

Step 3: Payment

The workflow during a payment is as follows:

Snapplify Pay's action

Pay authenticates your customer and allows a payment to be made.

Pay then redirects your customer back to your store using the URLs from the payment request specified (redirectUrl, declinedUrl, etc.)

The redirect URL will have additional query string parameters: client, token, success, referenceCode.

Step 4: Validation

The workflow during a payment validation is as follows:

Your store's action

Once your customer is redirected to your store (in step 3), send a server-to-server call to validate that the payment was successful and do client-specific validation on the payment.

For example: check amounts, currencies, and reference codes.

Snapplify Pay's action
Pay marks the payment as validated.

Learn how to implement the Snapplify Pay API.

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