This article is for DEVELOPERS.

Using the Snapplify Ecommerce plugin, you'll be able to receive the content feed from Snapplify and import Snapplify products into your WordPress store.

The plugin enables you to:

  • Deliver a catalogue of ebooks on your WordPress store
  • Create voucher codes for redeeming ebooks on successful orders

In order to run a WordPress plugin, you must have a WordPress site with a WooCommerce plugin

To enable the Snapplify Ecommerce plugin on WordPress

  1. Our team will provide a zip file directly to you, including a readme file and your API key (which contains your Client ID and Client Secret). This file delivers the content and manages the voucher creation process behind the scenes.  
  2. Download the readme file and click ‘Install’.
  3. Once the plugin is installed, your ‘Authentication Token’ and ‘Product Feed Webhook URL’ are displayed on the Snapplify Ecommerce Management Settings page. Please send this authentication token and URL to us at This tells us where to send the catalogue information to.
  4. Enter your API key (that we provided) in the ‘Snapplify API Key’ field and click the 'Save changes' button.

Our team will complete the configuration on our side and respond to confirm that things are running.

Once you have run the Snapplify Ecommerce plugin, you'll need to manage the plugin through the WooCommerce settings.

All prices are sent to you as VAT exclusive, so you'll need to ensure that your WooCommerce settings are configured to set up the tax percentage and display the price inclusive of tax. For assistance with this, please refer to the WooCommerce documents here.

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