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Snapplify Cloud Services are reliable, practical tools to help you grow your business faster.

We've simplified and refined the technology that helps us deliver e-learning solutions to thousands of schools and universities around the world. You can use this technology too.

Snapplify Access

Simplify onboarding by enabling multiple options for authentication with just one integration. Make it easy for hundreds of thousands of education users to access your products with their existing Snapplify accounts.

Learn more about the benefits of Snapplify Access.

To implement Snapplify Access

  1. Your development team would need to implement the Snapplify Access API, which registers your app, gets a token to specify the permissions for your app, and sends the token in your API request to authenticate API requests.

Snapplify Pay

Accept payments across multiple regions, in local currencies.

Learn more about Snapplify Pay’s supported payment methods and currencies.

To implement Snapplify Pay

  1. Your development team would need to implement the Snapplify Pay API or Pay WordPress plugin, to allow your business to unlock payments around the world.

Snapplify Origin

Sell from a catalogue of products from thousands of content and service partners, or curate products to launch your own turnkey store. Simple ecommerce plugins turn your website into a content marketplace and publisher tools help you to manage your digital catalogue and all of your metadata, centrally.

To implement Snapplify Origin

  1. Your development team would need to implement:

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