This Article is for CONTENT OWNERS

If you are a publisher and you are using Snapplify Origin, you can view all sales that have been reported on by Snapplify in the Reporting section of Origin.

You will need to have the Finance Role assigned in Origin, if you do not have the Finance role please contact your Origin Admin

Viewing all Sales

To view the report items you will need to sign in to Origin

Navigate to and sign in with your Snapplify account

On the left navigation bar, click Reporting


Once you have selected reporting you will see a record of all sales, you can use the search to find specific sales data

In the list view all the sale items will display by:

TitleName of the book
QuantityNumber of books purchased
AmountPrice of the book (inclusive of vat)
Order SourceWhich platform the sale was made on
OrderOrder reference number
CountryThe country the sale was made in
Order/Refund DateThe date the order was created/ refund was processed


Searching for Specific Sales

Using the advanced search you can search for sales of a specific title or for sales over a specific date range

Once you have filled in your search criteria select Search to view all results

Exporting reports

Using the export option you can export data for sales over a specific date range or export all data

To export all data select the "export" button. This will download a CSV file of all your sales data. To narrow down your export to a specific date range, use the advanced search first to find the data in question then select "export".

To learn more about the sales and invoicing process please read Understanding the sales reporting and invoicing process

If you are a publisher and you do not see the reporting section in Origin please reach out to so this can be activated on your platform

Need help? Use the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or email us by emailing