This article is for SNAPPLIFY PARTNERS.

If you need to cancel a voucher after it is active, you can manage this process in Origin. 

Only vouchers that are not yet redeemed may be cancelled. You cannot deactivate a voucher that has already been redeemed. 

If you receive this error then the voucher has already been redeemed and may not be cancelled

Canceling a voucher

  1. Navigate to and sign in. 
  2. Select vouchers from the left-hand navigation panel

  3. Select a specific voucher from the list view by clicking on the voucher label. The label is indicated as "clickable" by the blue text.
  4. From the detailed view select the "Cancel" option

  5. Next, select 'yes' to cancel the voucher

Cancelling a voucher moves it to the Inactive tab. 
You will still be able to see the details of the voucher but will be unable to make any edits or reactivate the voucher once it has been canceled.

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