This article is for SNAPPLIFY PARTNERS

Once you have registered and have added users to the Origin platform, you will need to curate the access that certain users have.

This is done by assigning user roles to individual users, either to restrict access or to give permission to navigate to certain sections of the platform and make changes.

There are three user roles for members of staff in Origin:

  1. Admins have access to Admin section (including all tools for user administration)

  2. SCS Users have access to Origin SCS Cloud Services for the configuration of new API Keys and the management of existing API keys
  3. Finance has access to Origin Reporting, Orders, and Vouchers 

Importantly, only Admins have the ability to assign and edit user roles. If an Admin needs access to specific features and sections that certain users have on the Origin platform, they can assign those user roles to themselves, in addition to their Admin role

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