This article is for Snapplify Partners and Finance users of Origin.

1. Log into Origin:

2. Click on Price List in the menu on the left-hand side

3. Click on your Price List to view and edit the titles and prices on your price list

To edit an existing price

  1. Use Advanced Search to search for existing titles where you would need to edit the price for

2. Select the title

3. Click on Edit to update the price and click on save

To remove an existing price from your price list

1. Click on the check box next to the title you wish to remove the hardcopy price from

2. Click on Remove

To add a new price/title to your price list

1. Click on New

2. Type the ISBN in the Title field and select the title from the drop down list 

3. Enter the price in the Amount field and click on Save

4. If the title does not appear in the dropdown as you are searching for it, please email with a list of the Title, ISBN and Price which you need to add to your price list

Bulk Import Price List

Preparing the CSV file containing ISBNs and prices for bulk importing:

1. In an XLSX file, enter the ISBNs in column A and the price in column B.

2. Ensure that the price column contains only numerical values without any currency symbols, then save the file as a CSV.

3. Right-click on the CSV file you just saved in your documents folder and choose "Open with" > "WordPad". When you have opened the WordPad file, it should look similar to the example below:

4. Copy the information in the WordPad file


  1. In Origin, navigate to Price List and Click on Import 
  2. Paste the pricelist information from the WordPad as shown below

If there is any assistance regarding this please contact us on