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Snapplify SSO enables students and educators everywhere to access the digital learning universe instantly. Access enables multiple (education-focused) options for authentication into education applications, with only one authentication integration. 

SSO is part of Access Basic, and only basic information is passed. For more advanced Integration options see Implementing Snapplify Cloud Services products. If you require an alternate solution please chat to us for custom development on

Below are the basic minimum fields that are passed on Authentication, if additional information is required or validation of user information is required, you will need to request this information from the user yourself or explore a paid tier of Access.

Fields passed through SSO Integration

idStringUnique identifier for each user
nameStringFull name of the user
emailStringEmail address of the user
usernameStringThe username chosen by the user
given_nameStringFirst name of the user
family_nameStringLast name of the user
pictureStringURL to the user's profile picture
email_verifiedBooleanIndicates if the user's email has been verified
domain.0StringDomain associated with the user's email address

To learn more about Snapplify Access visit: Understanding the benefits of Snapplify Access

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