This article is for CONTENT PARTNERS

If you are creating new content or wish to test how your content will behave in the Snapplify reader before it's been released for sale, you can use the "Open With" function to open your content in the Snapplify Reader on your device. Use all the academic features and functionality your target audience would use to thoroughly review the look and feel of your content in the app. 

If you are looking to upload content to Snapplify to test, consider using Direct-Only business rights when uploading your meta-data.

Once a file has been opened with the Snapplify Reader, it will be treated the same as other content you have access to. The item will be saved to your “All” tab and will be available to view from there.

Files that are available online, when viewed on your device, will have the ability to open in the Snapplify Reader and redirect you online to the file location. 

If the "Open With" prompt doesn't appear because a default app is already set, you can change this in your device's settings under Apps or Application Manager, and adjust your Default App settings accordingly.

Take note, the file is not synced across all devices, your file will only be available in your app on the device from which you first opened it

For Android users

  1. Locate and tap: Find the file, URL or media you wish to open.

  2. Prompt Activation: Tap the file. If your device has several compatible apps, you'll see an "Open With" prompt showcasing these apps. 
  3. App Selection: Choose your Snapplify App from the list. Decide whether this is a one-time choice by taping "Just once" or set it as default by selecting "Always".

For iOS users

iOS handles file opening through the "Share" or "Open in" functions, allowing you to select the app for opening or sharing a file.

  1. Find your file: Identify the content you want to open or share.

  2. Access Share Sheet: Tap the share icon.

  3. Select 'Open in' or 'Copy to': Find and tap the Snapplify App.

For Windows users

  1. One-time Open: Right-click the file, choose "Open With," and select Snapplify Reader. If Snapplify Reader isn't listed, find it via "Choose another app" or directly from the Microsoft Store or your PC.

  2. Setting a default: After selecting "Open With" and then "Choose another app," pick Snapplify Reader and select "Always" to make it the default for future files of that type.

  3. You may also choose to Drag and drop the file into your reader, for this step, you would need to have the reader opened already.

For Microsoft Store users

  1. Open your Snapplify Reader app.
  2. Select the file on your device you wish to open.
  3. Drag and drop the file into your reader.

For MacOS users

  1. For a Single Use: Either drag the file to the app icon, use the "Open With" option from the right-click menu, or open the file directly from within Snapplify Reader.
  2. To Set as Default: In Finder, select the file and click File > Get Info. Expand "Open With," select your preferred application, and click "Change All" to apply this setting to all files of this type.

Following these steps, you can easily manage how you open and interact with digital content across devices, ensuring a seamless and personalized reading experience with the Snapplify Reader.

For the best experience, we recommend ensuring you are using the latest version of the Snapplify reader for your operating system. Learn more about updating your Reader.

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