Looking to enhance your educational app's visibility and reach a broader audience of students and educators? Partner with Snapplify's App Gallery to achieve these goals effectively. Here’s how Snapplify can help you succeed.

At Snappify we're all about making teaching and learning digitally accessible and hassle-free for schools and students. Our platform, Engage, is like a one-stop-shop for all things education, providing schools with the resources they need to excel in the digital age.

Now, imagine your app being showcased in our App Gallery, right alongside other top-notch educational tools. When school admins browse through our gallery to decide which apps to invest in for their institution, yours could be front and center, catching their eye and winning them over with its amazing features.

For the best experience, apps should be integrated with SSO so students can log in using Snapplify user accounts see Integrating Snapplify Access for Single Sign On (SSO) for more.

But why should you, bother putting your app in our gallery? 

Here's why:

  1. Boosted Visibility: By featuring your app in Snapplify's App Gallery, you're instantly putting it in front of thousands of schools and students who are already using our platform. It's like having a prime spot in a bustling marketplace where potential users can easily discover and access your app.
  2. Streamlined Access: Enabling your app in our gallery means that when a school decides to use it, students can launch into it quickly and effortlessly. It's all about reducing friction and making the learning experience smoother for everyone involved. This ease of access makes your app more attractive to schools and increases the likelihood of it being adopted.
  3. Targeted Marketing: Whether you're targeting schools that are already using Snapplify and your app or looking to attract new business, partnering with us gives you access to a large and diverse market. We've already built a strong presence in the education sector, so by aligning with Snapplify, you're tapping into our network and reaching potential users who are actively seeking innovative educational solutions.

In a nutshell, adding your app to Snapplify's App Gallery is like giving it a VIP pass to the education world. It's a strategic move that not only increases your app's visibility and accessibility but also opens up new avenues for growth and success.

Reach out to help@snapplify.com. to get listed. 

To understand option for deeper integration with Snapplify see Implementing Snapplify Cloud Services products

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