This article is for CONTENT OWNERS.

Ensure your content stands out on Snapplify by preparing your jacket images correctly. Follow our guidelines to guarantee perfect display and compatibility.


If you submit an ePDF file containing a cover image as the first page of the ePDF, it will automatically be located and displayed as the jacket image of your asset. For any other file type, jacket images are to be uploaded as separate files.

For your content to display correctly, ensure that the file requirements meet the required specifications.

Specifications for file types Snap, ePDF, and ePUB:

File name
ISBN.jpg e.g. 9781234567890.jpg
Image dimensions
768x1024 pixels/ 20x27 cm
Image resolution
300 DPI (72 DPI is also acceptable)

Specifications for file types audio and video:

File nameISBN.jpg e.g. 9781234567890.jpg
Image dimensions566x566 pixels
Image resolution300 DPI (72 DPI is also acceptable)

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