This article is for BOOKSELLER PARTNERS

Understanding content removal requests is crucial for booksellers to maintain catalogues that are up to date and adhere to Snapplify's policies.

Publishers may request the removal of digital titles for various reasons. This includes books going out of print, the release of new editions, author requests, changes in publication rights, and shifts in partnership dynamics. 

Snapplify's Role: 

  • Snapplify serves as a crucial link between publishers and reseller partners, ensuring the digital content catalogue remains current and aligns with publisher preferences and legal requirements. Acting promptly, Snapplify aims to take down specific titles within 48 hours in response to content removal requests.

Reseller Partners Role:

  • When Snapplify receives a content removal request, we promptly notify resellers through the Catalogue API. Resellers then shoulder the responsibility of swiftly removing the titles within 2 working days. This process is key to building and maintaining strong relationships with publishers. 

Ensuring Compliance:

  • In the event of repeated requests for content takedown, Snapplify reserves the right to take additional action. While the standard protocol involves responding within 48 hours, if a specific content removal request persists without adequate resolution, Snapplify may autonomously remove the content. This underscores the importance of timely cooperation among distributors, resellers, and publishers.
  • In cases where compliance with takedown requests is not met, Snapplify reserves the right to escalate measures, including legal action, to protect copyright and maintain a trustworthy environment. This step is considered a last resort, following multiple notifications and efforts to resolve the issue amicably. Partners are strongly encouraged to adhere to the compliance process to avoid such repercussions.  

How Snapplify send sends takedown requests:

  • Snapplify sends takedown requests using the "availability" property on the payload. All take-downs are managed via the property "Availability" and this is either set to Available or unavailable.
For more info on all the fields passed and the specific descriptions please see Using Origin Catalogue API which shows every field and how to interpret this data. 

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