This article is for SNAPPLIFY PARTNERS.

Using the list and detail voucher views you will be able to access all the information about your existing product vouchers.

Voucher List View

Select Vouchers from the left hand navigation in Origin.

The initial list view will show you all Active vouchers ordered by most recently created.

You can switch between the tabs to Active, Inactive or All vouchers.

The list view will show you:

  • The voucher label and code.
  • The total quantity & redeemed quantity - 5 of 15 used.
  • The voucher created date.

Voucher Detail View

Select a specific voucher from the list view by clicking on the voucher label.

The detail view will show you:

  • The voucher reference (your internal reference you may chose to allocate to a voucher).
  • The products associated with the voucher.
  • Any activities for that specific voucher.

You can "Enter a message" and save an Activity if you wish to record some additional information.