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Snapplify Pay is an efficient and secure payment infrastructure that enables payments across multiple regions and in local currencies. 

Snapplify Pay’s standard interface and integration allow your business to unlock payments around the world.

Find out more about Snapplify Pay’s supported payment methods and currencies.

When your customer makes a payment on your store via Snapplify Pay, their user journey will look as follows:

  1. Your customer completes work on an external system and reaches the point of payment.
  2.  Your customer clicks the Buy/Pay/Purchase link and is redirected to Snapplify Pay.
    • If they are paying with Snapplify Credit, they will have to log in using Snapplify.
  3. Snapplify Pay presents your customer with a selection of payment providers. (If there is only one payment gateway, this step is skipped.)
  4. Your customer is able to enter their required information and the Pay options are displayed.
  5. Your customer must be supported for errors and poor transactions.
    • If a valid transaction response is possible, they must redirect to Snapplify Pay.
    • If an invalid transaction response is returned, they must be shown appropriate errors.
  6. Your customer uses the Snapplify Pay page to make the payment and is then redirected to the location where the payment began.

    • If accepted, your customer is redirected to the approved page:
    • If denied, your customer is redirected to the denied page:
  7.  Your customer returns to your system interface and all customer processes are intact.

Learn about Snapplify Pay’s integration flow.

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