This article is for Snapplify hardcopy fulfillment booksellers with the FINANCE role. Refer to Understanding Origin user roles.

Snapplify hardcopy fulfillment booksellers can manage their hardcopy orders by adding delivery and stock availability notes on an order item in Origin > Orders.

To access the order items you will need to sign in to Origin

  • Navigate to and sign in with your Snapplify username and password
  • On the left below the Finance section click on Order.

Add notes to an order item

Search for the relevant reference of the order you would like to add a note to. Refer to Viewing your hardcopy orders in Origin.

  • Click on the Reference of the order
  • Once the order has opened scroll down to Products
  • Click on the tick box next to the order item you would like to add a note to. You can update the same note to multiple order items, if the note is not the same click the tick box next to each order item. 
  • Then click on Add Product Note
  • Type in the note to display the latest update of the order item and click Add

    Please note that all hardcopy orders are sent to the relevant bookseller's email address, and all hardcopy orders in Origin must match the hardcopy order notifications sent via email. Contact for assistance.