This article is for ORIGIN CONTENT PARTNERS.

Content partners often develop exclusive content for institutions or initiatives. With our Direct Only feature, you can distribute your content exclusively to Origin, giving you control over who receives it.

Direct Only is an additional business model right that can be specified in your metadata. Any titles with the Direct Only business right will be distributed exclusively on Origin.

How to prepare and upload titles using the direct only business model right

  1. Prepare metadata following the process Preparing CSV metadata for your content.
  2. Type "Direct_only" in the business model column in the metadata.
  3. Prepare your files as per the Getting your content ready to sell via Snapplify.
  4. Upload your metadata and files as per the Delivering your content to Snapplify article.
  5. Send us a notification of your content delivery at

The titles with the Direct Only business model will be available in Origin for you to create vouchers and issue them to customers. 

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